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Reading Camp is a literacy program that serves 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade children who are at least one grade level behind. Sadly, statistics show if these children are not reading on grade level by the end of the 4th grade, they are more likely to drop out of high school than complete it, which means that their chances of continuing the cycle of poverty for themselves, their children, and their communities are very great.

Reading Camp meets the educational, social, and emotional needs of these children by providing a FREE week of camp. At Reading Camp each child receives intensive reading instruction geared to his/her needs, participates in groups with other children who share the same struggles, discovers he/she is “smart,” and reading is possible, and reduces chances of summer learning loss that is so prevalent among at-risk students.

Equally important, children grow socially and emotionally by enjoying experiences that they may not have at home, testing their confidence and abilities and discovering new skills, talents and interests. Most importantly, they develop relationships with adults and teen mentors that teach them trust and discipline, and increase their self-esteem. Reading Camp nourishes the mind, body and soul, developing children holistically.